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Let's change
someone's day!

SKU Group's mission is to make a positive impact on women throughout Australia.  The events showcase individuals that truly make a difference in local communities.  At our events, members feel a sense of community; not just another number through the door.   Women who attend our events will be educated, inspired, connected and know that they are truly amazing.


Genuine is our thing!

SKU events are not just events, they are an experience!


Kristie's story

Kristie Wells is one of the co-founders of SKU Group.  Kristie and Margot formed this group to make a difference in the lives of women throughout Australia.  Kristie believes that all women should have the opportunity to be supported and empowered to achieve the 'impossible' in their everyday lives, no matter what their circumstances are. 

A big part of SKU Group will be connecting rural women with the women from metro areas.  Kristie is very passionate about bringing these two together as she spent her childhood growing up on a cattle property in central western Queensland.  She understands that the lives of rural and metro women are very different, but by banding them together it will make for some amazing events, inspiring stories and long term friendships. 

Kristie is a mum, wife, friend and accountant.  She currently resides on the Gold Coast with her husband and two children. Kristie understands how busy we all are everyday with juggling work and family life.  That's where SKU will come into action. The events will give women that time to recharge their batteries.

Kristie hopes that SKU Group will help women become bolder, kinder and connected.


Margot's story

Margot Greasley is one of the co-founders of SKU Group. Margot a born and raised Gold Coast girl has always had a strong passion for not only helping people but uniting them and giving a sense of belonging. Margot believes SKU Group will be a blueprint for greater connection and a movement of encouraging people to have the confidence to do more good in the world. 


Margot understands the importance of a supportive local community.  She hopes that SKU group will give women a sense of community but also make them part of something bigger.  


Much of Margot’s work history has been as flight attendant, where she was given the opportunity to experience over 120 countries and cultures.  The opportunity to live abroad gave Margot a new outlook on life, filled with unforgettable memories and adventures.  There really isn’t many places in the world she hasn’t been.


Currently Margot works for one of the world’s leading high end luxury brands.  She is renowned for taking pride in what she does. She is an independent, capable and self made women.


Margot’s goal for SKU group is that women have a support system and community that’s feels like family.

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